Whitepaper: The Need for Speed in an Omnichannel World

How to Swiftly & Effectively Meet the Speed to Market Challenge with BlueCherry Enterprise

need_for_speed_thumbnail.jpgFashion and consumer lifestyle brands are constantly challenged to meet fast-changing and seemingly ever-increasing customer demand for more innovative products, more frequent new product releases, and higher quality and value in their purchases. These and other market and competitive forces serve to compress time in the already high velocity fashion and consumer lifestyle products market.

Meeting the Need for Speed Challenge

Moreover, the demand for speed in all aspects of the business requires brands, manufacturers and retailers to improve, streamline, and synchronize the way they develop, produce, and deliver products.

This whitepaper explores how in recent years, “speed to market” has become the industry’s mantra for reducing new product development times and how historically unstructured processes, including reducing design, product development and sourcing cycles continues to present the most significant business improvement opportunities for the fashion, apparel and consumer lifestyle products industries. However, the need for speed does not stop with the development stage.

Supply chain management, distribution, and order fulfillment are also key elements of the overall time to market challenge. Companies must execute faster and more effectively manage the entire product lifecycle to meet those fast-changing demands.

In the end, it’s all about keeping up with the end-consumer – the driver of the “time to market” initiative.

Integrated All-in-One Enterprise Solutions

The whitepaper also explores why companies now require a scalable solution that will support the processes they require to react quickly and provide the benefits they need to gain a competitive edge such as reducing product costs, enhancing team and vendor collaboration, and focusing more on product innovation.

Consideration is also given to the powerful combination of PLM and ERP capabilities that enables fashion, apparel and consumer goods companies to more effectively speed products to market and manage the entire lifecycle process from concept to consumer.The combination of this new systems approach and other innovative new technologies enables fashion and consumer goods companies to streamline and consolidate the entire lifecycle process into a single system. With these and many other benefits, it is clear that breaking down the traditional barriers between PLM and ERP capabilities can unlock greater value for apparel retailers, brands, and manufacturers and help them meet and exceed today’s speed to market demands.