We surveyed hundreds of executives and influencers across talent management, learning, HR, strategy and operations management to gather and share what teams responsible for employee performance perceive as being this year’s top priorities and toughest challenges.


Digital learning strategies have seen the most significant shifts year over year.
Additionally, the 2017 survey indicates an increased sophistication among L&D professionals about what exact measurements would be most useful in determining the effectiveness and overall monetary benefits of a specific program.

This 22-page annual report, CORPORATE LEARNING TRENDS, OBSERVATIONS, & PREDICTIONS contains insights from experts, visualized data and shareable tips to help you understand:

  •     Where L&D departments plan to focus their resources in 2017
  •     Where they plan to increase their spending this year
  •     How that spend aligns with business goals
  •     What they consider their biggest challenges
  •     How they will measure their successes
  •     How all of these elements will be affected by increasing diversity in the workplace
  •     What will be the impact of all this on L&D programs for organizations large and small.