BlueCherry PLM: Solution Evaluation Report 2015

Independent PLM Evaluation Report by Global PLM Experts WhichPLM

bluecherry_plm_supplier_evaluations.pngA WhichPLM Supplier Evaluation is unlike any other vendor profile, benchmark or review in the industry. The research methods surrounding this report are extensive and truly expert, and the conclusions independent, unbiased, and informed by 30 years of hands-on apparel, PDM, CPM & PLM experience. Areas the report focuses on include:

  • Supplier competencies and industry knowledge
  • PLM solution technical benchmark
  • Roadmap and development
  • Executive vision
  • Customer feedback

WhichPLM is consistently and completely impartial. This principled stance reinforces the company's day-to-day work, and outlines the processes by which they evaluate PLM suppliers.

It is understood by software suppliers that would like their solution benchmarked just how intense the process is; WhichPLM methods go way beyond a technical evaluation. Although they do benchmark the soluton in question (bases on hands on experience of PLM from its inception to modern-day solutions) a complete view is taken of the vendor itself, seeking to understand:
  • Their attitude and competencies
  • Industry knowledge and customer insights
  • Services and support capabalities
  • Geographical presence and international solution offering
  • Business sustainability
While a technical evaluation is important, they focus on these other areas for several reasons:
Firstly, more and more customers are able to assess core PLM functionality independently based on education gathered from WhichPLM, WhichPLM Academy and other sources.

Secondly, choosing a PLM supplier involves choosing a long-term partner and ally on the basis of more than just software. Specifically, WhichPLM focuses their research around the "3Ps": Product, Process & People.

Finally, WhichPLM is the only PLM analyst to offer comprehensive apparel PLM education (either self-directed or in a classroom setting) as well as examinations and certification, and a deeper, more holistic knowledge of the full suite of modern PLM vendors allows for better service to students.