In 2018, fashion companies are focused on seizing the growth opportunities in omnichannel commerce. 

Every year we survey business leaders and key influencers responsible for ERP solutions to gain insights into the latest trends, challenges and business issues impacting the fashion and apparel industry. 


Many of the responses mirrored those from previous years, such as “managing and reducing costs” as one of the highest ranking. However, appearing first in the survey, as opposed to Business Process Re-Engineering represented the most notable shift in strategy. Read the full report to gain insight into emerging trends, and which investments and strategies from previous years are paying off or becoming less critical.

Download the full report today and see:

  • What business improvements are most needed now
  • Why efficient growth has become the new top strategic goal
  • The major challenges to omnichannel fulfillment succcess
  • Key drivers, plans, and priorities for IT investment in 2018
  • The importance of capturing information to drive your digital transformation

Our new 2018 guide is a 23-page report complete with survey data, comparison charts, quotes and real-life examples that will set you up for supply chain success. Download your copy to learn more.