Experts Weigh In: Best Practices for Omnichannel Retail Success

The latest technologies and best practices for meeting consumer expectations

omnichannel_retail_success_thumbnail.jpgThis report explores the latest technologies and best practices for meeting consumer expectations for a seamless shopping experience. Experts weigh in from leading industry analysts such as Kurt Salmon, Gartner, Demand Worldwide and business technology leaders at companies like Aerosoles.

Growth of Omnichannel Commerce

The growth of omnichannel commerce has challenged global consumer lifestyle products companies to evolve many planning, supply chain and distribution processes to meet demand.

For example, with growth in ship-from-store scenarios, retailers are managing products and inventory as it “leaves through the front door with the customer and is shipped out the back door directly to the customer’s home,” says Isaac Krakovsky, partner, Kurt Salmon. In other words, more consumers are ordering online and picking up merchandise in the store (through the front door). But they also are ordering online and having goods from the store packed up and shipped directly to them (through the back door).

While many retailers and brands have devised processes and pieced together systems to support omnichannel commerce, they are not at all confident in their solutions’ long-term viability. A study by Forrester Research, found that 94 percent of companies are encountering barriers to successful execution of their omnichannel plans.