Report: How to Create an Agile Learning Organization That Drives Revenue

learning_report_in_ipad_cropped.jpgFACT: Companies in the US spend $164 billion on training and development annually but only 21% regularly measure how learning is used on the job.

The burning question at hand appears to be: "Do all these dollars and hours truly add up to better employee performance and increased value for the business?"

In our newly released research report co-sponsored with Human Capital Institute, over 300 learning professionals share insights including how to train high potentials and leaders, the role of mentoring, what exact metrics to measure and how often to conduct audits.

This data-rich report, Learning Unbound: Agile Employee Development is filled with charts, graphs, quotes and anecdotes around:

  • How learning and development priorities are changing for organizations
  • How and how often to measure organizational learning
  • When to revisit and revise your L&D initiatives in order to be an agile organization
  • How to align with and measure your programs' business impact