Whitepaper: 3 Ways to Transform Contact Centers

Into Strategic Business Assets – A UBM Tech Whitepaper

UBMThumbnail.jpgWhether it’s improving customer experience or increasing employee productivity, today’s best-run contact centers are filling important new roles in modern enterprises.

Whether communicating with consumers, business partners, or internal employees, enterprises of all types are redoubling their efforts to increase the business value of their contact centers and help desks. This helps explain why spending for hosted contact centers in the United States is on pace to grow nearly 12% a year to $2 billion from now through 2018, according to IDC.

But spending alone won’t turn contact centers and help desks from a necessary cost of doing business into a strategic business asset. To succeed, CIOs and head of IT need a comprehensive transformation strategy and the insights to know when to elicit help.

Get a copy of the UBM TECH whitepaper and follow the simple steps outlined for a well-managed call center that can help you stay focused on your business’ most valuable activities.